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Yachty Gras Foundation

Donations for 2023-2024

Sea Scouts

Clear Falls Booster Club & Meals for Players

Susan Hefner – Queens & Pageants

Bikers Against Drunk Drivers

Soldier’s For The Truth Foundation – Children’s Cancer Treatment

Cole Gordon Helping Hands Foundation

Shriner’s Hospital for Children & Burn Care

Lone Star Pawz

Yachty Gras Foundation

Donations 1999 – Present

  1. Youth Educational Student Services – They take underprivilege kids in the 10 year old range out on boats, give them each a camera to learn about the sea and sea life.  Many of these children would never have this opportunity without YESS.

  2. Turning Point – Advocate Group to end domestic and sexual violence.  A safe place to talk and live if a person has an issue that requires a quick response for abuse.

  3. League City SPCA – League City Animal Shelter

  4. Kemah Police Department – Assistance after Hurricane Ike when all of their equipment was lost in the Hurricane.

  5. Elks – Hearing Aids for Children

  6. Seabrook Animal Shelter – Shelter and Adoption Center

  7. Sailing Angles – Sailing excursion for individuals with cognitive, physical and life threatening illness challenges.

  8. Veteran Benefits -  Offshore Fishing, Breakfast, BBQ and Hotels to stay for a week

  9. Americal Division of Bravo Company – Vietnam Reunion

  10. Kemah Boardwalk -  Salute to Military and First Responders

  11. Local Miss/Ms. Pageants – Each year we donate to a women who is seeking a               title that beings reconnection to the Bay Area through tourism.

  12. Student Assistance – We donate to students in need around the Bay Area.

  13. Sea Scouts – A youth development program for young men and women 14-20            years of age.  It prepares these youth to work in the Maritime Industry and or                attend the Naval Academy.  (Note:  we help them every year!)

Main Benefit Interest:   Veterans, Military, Children, Students, Animals, Law Enforcement, Tourism, Abused People, and Miss/Ms. Pageants.


Note:  We give other funding during the year when needed for different groups.  These can vary per year this is just a few of the organizations we have helped. We are not an organization with a lot of money, but we help where possible.

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